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Welcome to my Web site!

Grace's Personal Note:

Hello and welcome to my own personal domain. Feel free to browse and look around. See anything you like, don't like? Let me know. Thanks very much for visiting and stop by soon! And before you go, please sign my guestbook and vote for me on Fun Battles! Thanks!

About Me


Pepper Ann"Who is this girl and why does she have her own website?" Know more about me here.

05.03.02 : Updated Journal, Added pics to gallery

04.28.02 : Updated Journal

04.24.02 : Added NEW PAGE: Grace's Journal

04.19.02 : Added Joy School to Book Review Section 

04.06.02 : Updated Book Review section                                         

Photo Album


Look at my new online photo album filled with pictures of my family, friends, and recent events. MTV, the library, San Francisco Giants, and Apolo Anton Ohno are just a few of my many interests. More of my interests and related links here.

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