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Here are my interests, likes, with some links where you can get more info on them...

bulletMusic - I love all kinds of music from R&B to Alternative, to Classical! All of them! I usually go to MTV to find info on some of the popular top 40 hits and CDNow to hear little music clips of CDs before I buy them:


bulletReading - Reading is one of my favorite past times. Most people overlook the benefits of their local library. Personally, I love it.  You get to read magazines, rent all kinds of books, even movies-all for free! Whenever I need a brief synopsis of a book, I go to Amazon. 
bulletContra Costa County Library


bulletApolo Anton Ohno - Ah... the main reason why I tuned into the 2002 Winter Olympics. Is there a single teenage girl in the whole world who hasn't fallen head over heals in love with this guy? What's not to like about him? Gifted, mature, athletic, and handsome all rolled into one package. Here are my favorite Apolo sites.


bulletSan Francisco Giants - Baseball: America's favorite past time. And of course, I'm rootin' for the home team! The Giants are back in gear with a stronger defense, pitching ace Russ Ortiz, and home run king Barry Bonds! Get the latest news and updates at their official site.


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