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Welcome to Grace's San Francisco Giants Fan Page! Feel free to
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My Tribute to the Giants
For 6 years, I have been following the
Giants,researching their stats every year and
watching their games on Fox Sports Net. I first
became a Giants' fan as a 9-year-old in 1995 when I
had the good fortune of winning tickets to my first
baseball game through a school raffle.
Ever since I experienced true bliss of attended a
real baseball game, I was looking forward to summer
even more. Through my avid interest in the Giants, I
was able to chat with the male students in 4th and
5th grade about the game last night. Before I knew it,
the girls wanted to know my secret and started to
watch the Giants every night as well.
Besides watching the Giants to feed my
successful male interaction tactics, I watched them
through admiration of their great teamwork and their
real, everlasting love of the game.I am fortunate to be
given a chance to compose this website so that I can
exclaim to the world that the San Francisco Giants
are the best team in Major League Baseball!

TAKE ME OUT TO THE BALL GAME... Enjoying a summer day
with the Giants at the newly built Pac Bell Park.
NL West Standings (as of 7/4/01)
W L Pct. GB
Los Angeles
San Diego

50 32 .610 -
46 37 .554 4.5
44 39 .530 6.5
38 44 .463 12
38 45 .458 12.5
Grace's Tribute on the best team in the MLB: the San Francisco Giants

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Congrats to Rich Aurilia, Barry
Bonds and Jeff Kent,
2001 All-Star Game Starters!!
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