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Giants Links
and sources
This is the link to the official San Francisco Giants website, first
site to turn to if you want hardcore info on the Giants. Also
includes ticket info and anything you need to know before
spending that day in Pac Bell Park.
Really great fan site. This site inspired the making of "Grace's
San Francisco Giants Fan Page." Includes great features like
desktop wallpaper of Barry Bonds, Bobby Estalella, J.T. Snow
and others! Also named's site of the week.
If you are looking for hardball statistics, this is the place to be!
It has a game-by-game log, team reports, batting and
pitching stats, and useful interactive features like a weekly poll
and an easy to use message board. For AOL members only!
Members: enter keyword SF Giants.
Website dedicated to the "Home of the splash landings" near
Pacific Bell Park. Game notes, current standings, and Pac Bell
Park facts can be seen in this website. Also named's site of the week.
More to come!